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DenSureFit Kit

 $24.99 USD 

(After Discount Applied)

  • Savings $39.01 (Regular Price: $64.00)

  • 3 Silicone Applicators, 2 Swabs,1 Bottle Of Primer

    And 1 Snug Up Mixing Tip

  • For upper or lower Dentures

  • No Subscription & Surprise Charges

  • Availability 1 per Customer

  • Private DenSureFit Community Access

  • 24/7 Email & Phone Assistance

  • Exclusive 1-1 Care Call

  • $5 S&H Charges (First Class mail)

  • Step By Step Priority Instructions (over the phone)

100% no-risk money back guarantee

DenSureFit Combo Kits

 $69.00 USD

  • Saving $44.00 (Regular Price: $113.00)

  • 5 Silicone Applicators, 4 Swabs, 2 Bottle Of Primer And 1 Snug Up Mixing Tip

  • For Upper And Lower Dentures

  • No Subscription & Surprise Charges

  • Availability limited

  • Private DenSureFit Community Access

  • 24/7 Email & Phone Assistance

  • Exclusive 1-1 Care Call

  • $5 S&H Charges (First Class Mail)

  • Step By Step Priority Instructions (over the phone)

100% no-risk money back guarantee

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What Customers Say

I Have Lupus and DenSureFit has “Saved My Life

"This Product Is Amazing"


How is DenSureFit different from denture adhesive?

  • DenSureFit uses SILICONE, not adhesive

  • silicone liner provides SUCTION for a better fit

  • no stickiness

  • molds to the shape of your mouth

  • our silicone is the same material used by dentists
  • tasteless, odorless, And Zinc Free

  • Silicone Layer Stays Soft, Supple And Firm In Your Denture For Months

Dentist Approved

DenSureFit uses silicone that is considered the “holy grail” of soft reline materials used by many dentists.

Trusted by Thousands

There’s a reason why scuba masks and snorkeling masks seal with silicone. It provides a custom fit, grip and seal. Same with DenSureFit professional-grade silicone. It works for you… so you don’t have to struggle.  

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Is DenSureFit safe to use?

DenSureFit uses the same medical-grade materials used by many dentists and is safe for your acrylic denture. Unlike some other reline kits, DenSureFit is tasteless, odorless, has no burning, and stays soft and flexible on your denture. DenSureFit is Zinc free, odorless, and tasteless. DenSureFit is properly listed, registered, and maintains full compliance with FDA regulations. Our silicone (vinyl polysiloxane) and primer are medical grade and are the same materials used by dentists.

Is DenSureFit a denture adhesive?

DenSureFit is NOT an adhesive, it is BETTER. DenSureFit is not tacky and messy like adhesives. While adhesives need to be applied and removed daily, the DenSureFit liner will stay attached to your denture for up-to 3 months. You can think of DenSureFit like you think of a soft reline from your dentist; however, with DenSureFit, you can reline your denture in the comfort of your home for a fraction of the price of a dentist reline. You should still remove your denture nightly to clean it and to give your mouth a chance to breathe, as most dentists recommend. Your liner stays adhered to your denture until you peel it out.

Will I still need to use adhesive?

DenSureFit eliminates the need for denture adhesive for many users, but some will still need the extra security of an adhesive on top of their DenSureFit liner. Individual denture and mouth situations determine this. Powder adhesive adheres best to the silicone liner. Users report that powder adhesives tend to be much easier to remove from their mouth than cream adhesives. Even when DenSureFit users still need to use powder adhesive, they still report being very happy with their DenSureFit because they are able to greatly reduce adhesive-use and are able to switch from cream adhesive to powder adhesive.

Can I leave the dentures in warm water with "overnight whitening cleaner" with densurefit on it?

Yes, you can wash and clean your dentures as usual with DenSureFit on them.

Is DenSureFit easy to apply?

DenSureFit takes a few minutes and 3 easy steps to apply. The innovative and patented self-mixing silicone applicator tip means NO messy, lumpy mixing for you. The DenSureFit materials are dentist-created and dentist-used. DenSureFit does require careful following of the instructions, patience and sometimes even trial-and-error. As you become familiar with using DenSureFit, you will learn how to make it best work for your unique denture situation. Our goal is for you to get the best fit possible for your situation. If you are have issues getting a good fit or with anything else, please give us a call or send an email and we will happily help you out!